Katha Satsang

Introduction of Katha-Satsang of Maharajshree

(1) Sangeetmay Shiv Puran Katha
(2) Shri Ram Katha
(3) Kasht-mukti,Pradhu-Bhakti Gyan Satsang

(1) Musical Shiv Maha Puran Katha (11 days)

Maharaj shree has Self-Composed Shiv-Puran Katha which he has Composed as a result of his hard Penance continuous self-study of a number of religious epics and company genius Saints. He makes people listen these Katha in a mysterious way with factual and logical ullustrations making it more intrusting and meaningful.

Mysterious Points that Specify Katha

  • What is shiv-ling ? How, where and when it emerged ?
  • Why water only offered on shiv-ling ?
  • Why red sandal, are being offered during Pooja ?
  • How to do fast and Pooja during Mahashivratri, Monday, Pradosh and month of Shravan ?
  • Why Gangajal only offered through kaanwar ? whether women can perform poojan for these on not ? Whether this water to be used as Prasad or not ?
  • Why Ganga, Moon, Snake, Ashes, Trishul, Baghambar being adored by lord shiva? Mystry behind -
  • Emerging of Maa Bhagwati her riding on Lion.
  • Birth of Lord Kartik where and How? Why he had sir heads ? why whole month devoted to Kartik ?
  • Lord Ganesha emerged from which substance ? why his head being chopped off by lord shiva? Why elephant ‘s head being fixed on his body ? just of the body ? why he choose mouse for geiding? Why lord ganesha being worshiped along with maa laxmi during deepawali pooja ? why only lord ganesha being worshiped at giouet place? .

Special information

How to establish temple in houses? How to performs daily pooja, path,jap-dhayan etc.? what are the easiest and best ways of kasht mukti, kamna-sidhi, problem-solving ?

Sunning up

This shiv maha puram katha is a religious, social and knowledge increasing katha.

(02) Nine days musical shree ram katha

This self compound lord shri ram’s life stong dictating holy and mesmrising katha and only provides social, religious,Moral and political knowledge but also it is full of guidance for making life happiness enjoyment and closer to god in easiest adnn fauitful way.

(03) Five day s kashimukti pradhu-bhakti gayan satsong

The epic written by maharaj shree is a ruselt of lis seven years herd penance, self study of a lot of epice that is why it is like a kalpa- taru epic which nemoves all type of sorrws from human life and solves all type of problems.

Naharajsham has dielated very easy short befilling and proved solutions for gaining allnighty’s bhakti and special blessings . he narrates this katha in the most sweetest musical, heart-touclung and mesmricing way..

Stronge miracles of maharajshree mesmrising oratorg

From last 4 years where so ever maharaj shree narrates his shiv mahapuran katha, shri ram katha and kasht-muti-pradhu bhakti gyan sotsang the listences are mesmerized by his simple , sweet, knowligible, nectarine oratarial stitts and miraculous impacts whosoever listons to him once is compelled to come again and again to listen his katha.

Jhus listenus come in abundance or large numgers and get shoutir for the listenes , this scene and very common is lis katha programs everywhere.