About Maharaj Shree

Life History of Maharaj Shree

  • Name - Mahant  Shree Radheyshyam Vyasji Maharaj
  • Date Of Birth - 29 August 1956 (on midnight of janmastami).
  • Dynasty - Vaishnav Swami Brhamin.
  • Place of birth - Village – Chatarpura, Tehsil – Bansur, Dist. –  Alwar (Rajasthan)
  • Ashram -  Grihasth Saint Allwell versed in.
  • Traditional work -  Astrology, Aayurveda and generation to generation.
  • Education -  After Primary and higher education he well-versed himself in Astrology, Katha- Satsang.
  • Work-Place - Dhampur, Dist-Bijnor.
  • Continuous -  Maharajshree perfomed various holy Penance Anusthans and did rigid penance for continuous seven years and as a result got several siddhies common wellfare and charms which he is using for.
  • Ashram - situated on Haridwar -  lucknow NH – 74 Shri Ram Mandir Ashram, Mohallan Sahuwan, Dhampur,      Dist – Bijnor (U.P)
  • Determined Aim of Life -  Welfare of common, poor and Discarded people, charity for cows, poor and orphan girls welfare and upbringing  along with their education, marriage for the upligtment of women prestige and service of nation and by organising kotha-satsang, preaching religion and welfare of common people.

Religious epics writer by maharaj shree for the common good of people.

  • Musical shiv Mahapuran katha Gyanamrit
  • Musical Diviya shri Ram Katha Gyanamrit
  • Kasht-Mukti, Prabhu – Bhakti Gyanamrit
  • KashT- Mukti Problem Solving, kamna-siddhi upaay Gyanamrit
  • Vyas  Bhajnamrit