Introduction of Ashram at Dhampur

Location  of Ashram

Shri Ram Mandir Ashram, Mohalla, Sahuwan Dhampur, Dist.-Bijnor (U.P)

The way to Ashram

By Train :- On Railway Line Punjab to Hawra
By Road :- On Haridwar to Lucknow NH-74

Facilities Availble at Ashram

  • Guru-Gaddi of Maharaj Shree.
  • Trust Head Office.
  • Fine Boarding and Lodging and Food Arrangement
  • Genius Acharyas available for various religious accomplishments
  • Sumanglam -a store house of all type of religious material, providing services to everyone coming to Ashram
  • Astrology Office- providing services regarding all type of astrological information
  • Beautiful temple For Pooja-Path-Jap-Dhyan and satsang having peaceful and solace providing ambience.
  • Kasht-Mukti and Kamna-Siddhi Ashram

A lot of people are getting benefitted everyday by this Siddhi Ashram which has become a centre of freeing onself from all type of sorrows and problems through the power of Penance done by Maharajshree and various Anusthans  being  performed by Acharyas on behalf of desciples of Maharajshree.